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Jarva Fine Art, The Crescent

I am thrilled to announce that my latest collection of Hidden Histories original artwork is now available for viewing and purchase at the prestigious Jarva Fine Art gallery, located in The Crescent.

This captivating series includes four stunning original pieces, each showcasing a unique location:

  • The Pump Room in Buxton,
  • The Buxton Opera House,
  • The Crescent (Long Landscape), and
  • Hampton Court Palace (Long Landscape).

Every piece comes framed, accompanied by a fascinating written account of its hidden history.

It is an honour to be featured at Jarva Fine Art, where the gallery’s owner proudly represents some of the finest artists from the local area. 

Don’t miss the opportunity to immerse yourself in the captivating stories behind these masterpieces at Jarva Fine Art!

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The Buxton Crescent Hotel

In July 2020, I was contacted by The Trevor Osborne Property Group and asked if I would be interested in supplying the newly refurbished Buxton Crescent Hotel with prints for the bedrooms…81 rooms, amounting to 100 prints. If that wasn’t privilege enough, I was also commissioned to produce an exclusive Hidden Histories original art work of The Assembly Room which now hangs in the most beautiful space opposite the Reception area of the hotel. This space allows room for the 5 pages of Hidden Histories, printed and framed, to be hung directly in conjunction with the piece they relate to.  For any local artist, this has to be the dream job. And it has been. Having worked in Buxton for 17 years, I have been witness to the often slow and troubled process of the Crescent’s restoration, but being just a small part of that process has been beyond any hopes I may have had for my career as an artist.

My 17 years employment at Atticusboo (a beautiful boutique gift shop) in The Cavendish Arcade (direct neighbour to The Crescent and home to the original Thermal Baths), gave rise to the Hidden Histories concept. Surrounded by the intensely rich heritage of Derbyshire’s major Spa Town, my need to not only produce an accurate illustration of the many landmarks of historical significance, but also to tell their stories was the challenge I set myself. The story from here is on my ‘About’ page.

Although The Assembly Room image is now only on display in the Crescent itself, all other Hidden Histories of Buxton and Bakewell buildings and landmarks hanging in the bedrooms are available here on my website. Please go to ‘Works’ to see each image and read all of their stories at your leisure. 


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It’s just a bit trickier getting originals from the drawing board to the printers and back again, so, for now, The Chapel Royal Ceiling Detail and The Tower of London Hidden Histories are available to order as prints on a request basis, but the cards and postcards may have to come after all of this is over. Remember, prints are available mounted or framed, handfinished or not, from A5 upwards. Email me and I’ll let you have prices.

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Isolation inspired New Work

The Tower of London

Whether it’s this isolation period we’re presently going through or the story of Anne Boleyn famously imprisoned in the Tower of London…I’ve finally got the newest Hidden History on the drawing board. From the layout, you can see Anne features as her own Hidden History, together with the famous ravens who inhabit the Tower grounds, and a beefeater (of course) but there’s so much I’ve learnt about this Great British Monument, I won’t ‘tell all’ in this blog. This is just a taster. You can catch up with progress of this works on my instagram and Facebook pages (Rebecca Clitheroe Artist). When it’s finished I’ll publish it on here but getting the image to my printer may take a little longer than normal so if you’re interested in ordering cards and prints I’ll be here, at the end of an email or messenger, if you’d like to drop me a line.

Keep going everyone…

Whilst the country is in Lockdown and so many of us find ourselves living apart from those people we love, maybe it’s a poignant place to be, remembering other people’s plight. A huge thank you to the people working to keep us all safe. People who truly care. We will emerge from all of this eventually.

Unlike Anne Boleyn.

As my mum’s always told me…There’s always someone worse off than yourself! 

Bye for now x

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Looking Up

Can any of us wait until things are finally ‘LOOKING UP’??

Hopefully, this optimistic title my partner thought up for my newest collection of illustrations will inspire good vibes as we hopefully head into better times throughout out all of this present uncertainty.


I so fell in love with Hampton Court when I visited last summer, the challenge of the ceiling detail from The Chapel Royal was soon beckoning when I embarked on this project. The end result is (or should be) above, featuring Henry VIII at the centre of it all.


I’m starting The Tower of London as a complete Hidden Histories illustration right now but am constantly looking for inspiration for the next addition to the ‘Looking Up’ collection. 


Your requests are always welcome. So if you have a stunning ceiling in mind, let me know.

Thanks, speak soon

Bec x



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Stay-at-Home News


So much has changed recently for all of us. The markets and events I had lined up have (ofcourse) all been postponed but the good news from the wonderful Haddon Hall, Derbyshire, is that my booking has been moved to their spectacular Christmas Fair (12-15th November and 19-22nd November) I guess things could change up until then but I’ll be updating news on that event as I find out. I’m so excited about that one, I’m already dreaming of exhibiting in such a stunning setting surrounded by their festive decorations….think of the fairy lights!!

So here it is…the new Haddon Hall Hidden History which I was saving to lainch at the Spring Fair but will be popping in my online shop shortly. Prints and cards are all ready for sale.


The list of Hidden Histories I want to do during this time at home is getting longer. I’ve had requests in the past so hopefully I can make certain customers and followers happy by finally getting on with their choices. As a bit of an added extra, I’ve decided to include another collection to my Hidden Histories. My Interior Detail, The Crescent, Buxton has proved to be a bit of gem. It’s kind of become my ‘Identity’ in terms of advertising/business cards etc…so it seemed a natural progression to draw more studies of other decorative ceilings which grace so many of our historical landmark buildings out there. Since I visited Hampton Court last year (blimey…what a history!!) I thought I could tackle (and that’s pretty much how it started to feel during its ‘creation’!) the Chapel Royal’s ceiling. (Hoping to download a couple of images soon). In times like these it seemed appropriate to call the collection ‘Looking Up’ (I need to give my partner, Mat, credit for that one). So, hopefully, there’ll be more to come.


I’m lucky to have my pet portraits as a side line and a commission currently on the drawing board. They pop up on my Facebook page (Rebecca Clitheroe Artist) from time to time and I take orders throughout the year for birthdays, Christmas, etc…so feel free to contact me any time if you have a favourite pet (of any description!)

More updates to follow.

Bye for now

Bec x


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2020 Events

There’s already plenty going on this Spring as bookings for Artisan Markets and Fairs are confirmed, new Hidden Histories are at the printers and I’m excited to share them with you!

So…calendars at the ready:The next Thursday Morning Market will be on Thurs 6th March 9.30am-2.30 in The Octagon, Pavilion Gardens, Buxton.


The Derbyshire Makers first Artisan Fair at The Whitworth Centre 15th March (the weekend before Mother’s Day. Just saying!)


Haddon Hall Artisan Fair. I’ll be based here over 3 days (27-29th March) in one of the country’s oldest heritage destinations! The newest Hidden History will be launched at this event!


Derbyshire Open Arts. For the second year I’ll be opening my home to anybody who’d like to come and browse, buy or just say ‘hi’ and enjoy a trip to Whaley Bridge over the  Spring Bank Holiday 23-25th May. There’ll be an opportunity to see my collection of originals at a preview evening on Friday 22nd (details to follow)

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‘Hello’ as we head into 2020

Well, it’s taken a bit of time for me to take stock after the hectic Hidden Histories end to last year (not complaining!) and the start of a new one. Stuck on a delayed train to London last weekend, I scrolled through a fair few photographs and made a brief account of what had actually gone on concerning my work over the last 12 months….and realized it hasn’t been a bad year at all thanks to the interest and enthusiasm of my customers and followers. From home here in Whaley Bridge (now on the map in its own right after the near-dam-catastrophe of last summer) to London and my successful meeting with the retail manager at The Royal Albert Hall to orders from the USA (I guess now I can say I’ve gone ‘global’. Ha!). My work is definitely ‘getting out there’ it seems.

With local buildings at heart and a new event added to my calendar, the FAB market saw the launch of The Mechanics Institute, Whaley Bridge, Hidden Histories. A building central to life here in my own town it was a pleasure to uncover some fascinating facts and enjoy the support of local customers all keen to own their very own art work of this much-loved iconic building. The newly refurbished Pump Room in Buxton has also been added to the Hidden Histories Collection in 2019 with its launch at The Buxton Crescent Heritage Trust Artist to Artist Event. Nerve-wracking though it was (for a non-public-speaker!) it was a huge opportunity to present my work (and explain it). As I’ve discovered, I ‘sell’ my work by talking about it. It’s always an utter pleasure to see the realization on people’s faces when they look deeper into my illustrations and see for themselves the hidden elements concealed beneath the layer of pastel and pencil crayon. Following the presentation I was excited to be asked to be the first guest artist to exhibit in The Pump Room.

With ‘Firsts’ recurring throughout the year, I should mention Derbyshire Open Arts (May Bank Holiday) and my astonishment at how many visitors came through my door…and the distances they’d travelled to get here. Needless to say, I’ve signed up to do it all again 22-25th May 2020 (I’m planning on adding the Friday night as an preview viewing of framed originals) More to come on that….In August, The ‘3 Generations’ Open House proved successful too and gave me the chance to exhibit alongside my wonderfully talented father and twins (before they headed off to that London-Town to study since graduating from Glasgow).  It would be nice to imagine we can offer the same again in 2020 with the addition of my eldest son and his stunning photography (I’ll have a word!)

Ofcourse, I am forever grateful to all my customers but especially those who entrust me with commissions. It’s always a privilege to work on personal pieces. Whether it’s family homes, holiday homes, favourite landmarks or non-Hidden Histories such as portraits of beloved pets, they are always welcome on to my drawing board. I rarely say ‘no’! In fact 2019 was the year of oil painted portraits and made-to-measure wall panels for local business ‘Everything’s Rosy’ in Buxton and my expansion out of Buxton and further afield with my Bakewell Collection now available in the Visitor’s Centre there. With the ‘thumbs up’ from The Royal Albert Hall in November, my thoughts are very much with producing more London art works…all have been added to the never-ending list of pieces to get on with.

So, I guess committing an extra day to my freelance business (I now only work 2 days at Atticusboo in Buxton) was the right decision. I’ve managed to produce more work and organize myself better (some people may want to debate that point…my framer and printer included!) but with the ‘birth’ of an additional new business (‘artichoke’) now giving me even more opportunities to explore and illustrate architectural ‘beauties'(watch out for more on this bespoke hand drawn wallpaper product). Thanks to The Old Hall Hotel Buxton, The Trevor Osborne  Property Group Bath, and Fairhursts Design Group in Manchester for their support and orders already.

Ofcourse, the reason I’m even writing this ‘blog’ is down to one very talented student and my daughter who created this website (and on whom I depend to lead me tentatively down this road of technology-training through frantic phone calls and spontaneous tutorials on how to add products, pictures and text.) I’m ‘flying solo’ right now so whether this account ever reaches the website pages is yet to be revealed. We’ll see!
Speak soon x

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Derbyshire Open Arts 2019

Derbyshire Open Arts 2019
Derbyshire Open Arts

Derbyshire Open Arts: OPEN


Venue 38 is officially open to all and any visitors. I’ll be here today, tomorrow and Monday 10-5. Pop in, it’d be lovely to see you. (No.38 in the catalogue and online).

34 Chapel Road
Whaley Bridge
SK23 7JZ

Discover more Hidden Histories, chat and eat cake! Prints, postcards, frames, originals and more all on display. And whilst you’re out there visit other artists and friends @traceycoverley @jo_harratt @cognissart @carly_grice to name but a few.

Visit my artist profile on the Derbyshire Open Arts website here.

Furthermore, you can view the official Derbyshire Open Arts brochure online here.

An amazing map for Whaley Bridge

Thanks to the amazing Andrea Joseph for our Whaley Bridge Derbyshire Open Arts map. It is a WORK OF ART…. 2019’s Art Trail map for @derbyshireopenarts. Keep your eyes open for these.

A quick intro

So this is me (in a nutshell).

I am a freelance artist living in Whaley Bridge in the heart of the beautiful Peak District. I share my home and studio with moggy Lola, and super-gorgeous ‘Sprollie’ dog Trevor who vie for position under the drawing board while I work.

This is the first time I will have exhibited all my work alongside their own ‘hidden’ stories, so if you’re fascinated with history and what lies behind my illustrations, please pop in over the Bank Holiday Weekend and discover the complete Hidden Histories Collections. 

It would be lovely to meet you!

New folded cards

*NEW* I am pleased to reveal a my new product: folded cards with their own Hidden Histories story printed on the back. I am so excited to be launching these (complete with envelopes) at my Derbyshire Open Arts venue (No.38 on the map).

Open all Bank Holiday Weekend: 25th – 27th May.

They really are beautifully printed on the highest quality stock by @originalgiclee. Hope you like them!

Card payments accepted

No cash? No problem!

I will be accepting card payments for the first time during Derbyshire Open Arts 2019 if anything takes your fancy.

Contactless and Apple Pay also accepted.

Derbyshire Open Arts 2019
Derbyshire Open Arts
Derbyshire Open Arts

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Free delivery if you spend £80!

Free delivery on all orders

To celebrate the opening of my web shop, I am offering all of my customers free UK delivery if they spend over £80. 

My glittered mounted prints are priced at £40 so if you buy two of these you will qualify!

Delivery is by Royal Mail 1st Class and I aim to process your order within 3 working days.

Visit the shop to order while stocks last.

Stay tuned for more offers

I’ll be adding more offers and discounts in the future, so don’t forget to keep checking back.

Following me on social media is a good way to stay up to date with all my latest news and offers.

Information is below!


​Click on the links below to find my Instagram and Facebook profiles.

Feel free to like, share and follow me on social media!

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Browse the shop!

Listed below are my current product categories. Have a browse either by product type or location and click on an image to have direct access to the web shop.

Don’t forget you get free delivery if your order exceeds £80! Any combination of products is valid.


Free delivery over £80

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