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The Buxton Crescent Hotel

In July 2020, I was contacted by The Trevor Osborne Property Group and asked if I would be interested in supplying the newly refurbished Buxton Crescent Hotel with prints for the bedrooms…81 rooms, amounting to 100 prints. If that wasn’t privilege enough, I was also commissioned to produce an exclusive Hidden Histories original art work of The Assembly Room which now hangs in the most beautiful space opposite the Reception area of the hotel. This space allows room for the 5 pages of Hidden Histories, printed and framed, to be hung directly in conjunction with the piece they relate to.  For any local artist, this has to be the dream job. And it has been. Having worked in Buxton for 17 years, I have been witness to the often slow and troubled process of the Crescent’s restoration, but being just a small part of that process has been beyond any hopes I may have had for my career as an artist.

My 17 years employment at Atticusboo (a beautiful boutique gift shop) in The Cavendish Arcade (direct neighbour to The Crescent and home to the original Thermal Baths), gave rise to the Hidden Histories concept. Surrounded by the intensely rich heritage of Derbyshire’s major Spa Town, my need to not only produce an accurate illustration of the many landmarks of historical significance, but also to tell their stories was the challenge I set myself. The story from here is on my ‘About’ page.

Although The Assembly Room image is now only on display in the Crescent itself, all other Hidden Histories of Buxton and Bakewell buildings and landmarks hanging in the bedrooms are available here on my website. Please go to ‘Works’ to see each image and read all of their stories at your leisure. 


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